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Year one begins with an Introduction to Automotive, which consists of: Safety apparel and equipment, hazardous chemical handling and disposal, lift operation and safety, hand tools, measuring systems and tools. The second unit, Engine repair. This unit will cover: Engine design, Engine diagnosis, Cylinder heads, Valve train diagnosis and repair, Short block diagnosis and repair, Engine disassembly and reassembly and Cooling system diagnosis and repair. Unit 3 covers Automatic Transmissions and Trans axles as well as basic fundamentals and maintenance. Following Automatic Transmission move onto Steering and Suspension systems and Steering system components, Front and Rear suspension components and operation, Wheels and Tires and Alignment Fundamentals. Finally we will conclude with Electrical Systems which covers: Basic Electricity, Ohm’s law, Identifying electrical faults, Reading electrical schematics, building basic circuits, using a Digital Multi Meter and diagnosing Starting and Charging systems.



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