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Our First Year 2D EAD program uses AutoCAD© 2019.

  • Earn 6 college credits while in class!
  • AutoCAD 2019 is the foundation of all design software.
  • Learn Blueprint Reading and ASME/AIA Technical Design Standards.
  • Work outside of class on local projects.
  • Listen to guest speakers from local industry and colleges.
  • Begin work on an impressive design portfolio.
  • Begin using 3D design software.
  • Use the 3D printers and Laser.
  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing certification

This course is an introduction to the fascinating field of Engineering & Architectural Design. You will learn the computer design skills required in all colleges and many other “cutting edge” professions. This course is individualized to meet the goals of the student. While mastering basic concepts and computer program skills, you will concentrate on the fields of your choice.

Become a college student while in a high school class! You will be dual enrolled in college during your first year and will earn 6 college credits for two courses from YCCC. Since we meet every day, after one year you will easily be working at the second year college level.

Work outside of class on many local projects. Create an impressive design portfolio.

Receive free home copies of our 2D design software and full suite of AutoDesk Products.

AutoCAD 2019 is the latest version of the most commonly used and powerful 2D design program available. A student planning to attend college for architecture, mechanical engineering, bio-medical engineering, bio-mechanical engineering, product design, structural engineering, or interior design must be familiar with this computer software. No previous knowledge of AutoCAD is required. The students proceed individually at their own speed and prepare for 3D Design and 3D Printing.

You DO NOT need high math skills to master this program. The programs will do the math for ou if you wish.


Course Requirements: Successful completion of Basic 2D Design using AutoCAD 2019. An 80% average in the course and instructor permission is required to continue in the second year of the program.



Russell Clark

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This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri.


This course is held at Sanford Regional Technical Center in room V-14.