Engineering Applications with Robotics

In Engineering Applications with Robotics, students learn the “Engineering Design Process” and how engineers solve problems.  Students are engaged in a blend of academic units combined with design challenges where they learn to work as a team to produce solutions.  While students initially use VEX components, they are soon utilizing raw stock and developing their skills with common power tools to manufacture their own parts.  This is a unique opportunity to apply academics, problem solving skills and hands on craftsmanship.

Each student in Engineering Applications with Robotics is a member of First Robotics Team 3451 where they have an opportunity to compete against other schools in the highest level of robotics.  This is a major project where design, construction and testing is limited to six intense weeks.  Most years we compete in a minimum of two district events and at least one off season event.  During the “Recycle Rush” season we won the Xerox Creativity Award.  We are sponsored by numerous southern Maine corporations and greatly appreciate their support.  Thank you very much for supporting such a great learning opportunity.

Each year students are selected to participate in the Skills USA RoboRescue contest in Bangor, building a robot to navigate a blind obstacle course to simulate an ordinance disposal situation.

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