Engineering & Architectural Design-EAD

For future Engineers, Architects, and 3D Designers.

Earn 15 college credits.

Learn the latest 3D CAD programs required in college and industry.

Take the SolidWorks 3D Mechanical Design Certification (CSWA).

Take the new industry SME Additive Manufacturing Certification .

Use Dimension 3D printers and a powerful new “Helix” laser.

SRTC Engineering & Architectural Design: Start on your journey to change the world we live in. Pursue a career in Engineering, Architecture, Additive Manufacturing, and 3D Design.

We have powerful “workstation” computers; dual monitors, the latest 3D design software, advanced 3D Printers and a new, state of the art laser!  This is a true cutting edge science and technology program.

3D Printing is commonly called “The Next Industrial Revolution.” (Scientific American magazine; May 2013.)  The rapidly emerging fields of Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping will change the world we live in. 3D printers are working on the Space Station, creating human organs using stem cells, and making industrial parts with no waste in a fraction of the normal time and cost.

This is a very rewarding two-year program.

The first year is dedicated to 2D AutoCAD Design, Blueprint Reading and CorelDRAW.  Students will earn 6 college credits.  They will be introduced to 3D design and use 3D printers and Helix laser.

The second year is dedicated to 3D SolidWorks Engineering Design and Simulation, Revit Architecture, Additive Manufacturing and advanced 3D Printing/3D Laser Design.  Nothing in class is ever downloaded from the internet to model. If we can’t design it from scratch, or decipher a complicated blueprint, we don’t 3D print it or use the laser. For Engineers, we introduce computer simulations such as Young’s Modulus, moments of inertia, internal and external flow, motion, machine interference detection, and more. For Architects, we make entire houses, laser cut and detailed from wood and high density foam.

After completing this course, you will have the potential  for local high paying jobs or have mastered computer design programs required for all Engineers and Architects.

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